"Scările din locuințele noi sunt frumoase."

Translation:The stairs from the new dwellings are beautiful.

December 30, 2016

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Agreed, 'dwellings' doesn't sound right... in everyday English we would call places to live 'homes' or when being more specific, 'apartments/ flats' or 'houses'.
Also, although 'din' translates literally as 'from' it's not the usual preposition for this sentence in English. 'The stairs of...' sounds more natural. Prepositions often don't match up across languages.


Can locuințele also refer to apartments? "Dwelling" is a very official term one would only see on something like a tax or census form.


Yes, they can also mean apartments. In fact, when I read the Romanian variant of this, I see it as the stairs from the apartment blocks of new buildings are beautiful.


"Locuință " is a place where you live ("A locui"). It can be an apartment or a house. The apartment blocks are sometimes called "blocuri de locuințe", although usually "blocuri" is enough.


So surely "home" would be the best English translation then?


I would say yes, but I would ask for a native's opinion...


I thought you were a native?


:-) I am a native Romanian but here I suggested the advice of a native English person : -D


Does this mean that the new dwellings are being dismantled and that the stairs are being taken away? Or does it mean that "din" doesn't always translate as "from"?


it should be "of", or even "in" in English, unless you purchased second hand building parts or something


Again, a mysterious sentence. Have the stairs all been taken out and put into an art gallery? Curiouser and curiouser!


If the dwellings are new why would the stairs have been removed from them? I tend to think this "from" should actually be "in".


I think staircases should also be accepted.


frumoase: Is this word related to the Spanish "hermosa" which also means beautiful?


Which in turn seems to be the root of Formosa, a former name for Taiwan.


The stairs of and not from - from you'd use if you had taken the stairs out of the house and talk about the beautiful stairs which is anyways a weird thing to mention or talk about.

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