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"Ти будеш їхати у Одесу завтра?"

Translation:Will you go to Odesa tomorrow?

December 30, 2016



Why would "Are you going to go to Odessa tomorrow" not by accepted?


People don't say in Ukrainian "у Одесу". This sound like Russian "surzhick", which means, Russian expressions, in the speaker's opinion, allegedly turned Ukrainian. The right way to say that is "до Одеси" .


"..В Одесу" is correct, Not "..У Одесу". There's the main rule of cases in alternation of "В" and "У" in order the Ukrainian language sounds melodious, natural and beautiful: 1.Here is the "В" is a consonant sound -> always placed between the vowel sounds -> (В) (О)(д)есі -> B(consonant) O(vowel) д(consonant). In opposite the "У" is a vowel sound & it placed betwen consonants e.g. "У Петра" (У) (П)(е)тра 2.The consonent sound "B" placed in front of vowel sounds at the beginnig of the sentence: "В Острозькій академії" 3..

https://svitslova.com/mova/fonetyka-grafyka/1492-cherguvannia-u-v.html My best regards


Meh, kinda the same shit

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