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  5. "Voi nu aveți cartofi."

"Voi nu aveți cartofi."

Translation:You do not have potatoes.

December 30, 2016



I have gotten this same sentence over five times in a row! Jeez. I never got it wrong either, so it wasn't to drive it in. Do Romanian people just have an utter lack of potatoes???


I've seen this happen in the Spanish course as well. Sometimes there is a lot of repetition. It's the nature of the Duo beast.

And no, potatoes are a staple in Romania, so I doubt that they'd ever be that scarce, unless some kind of natural disaster were to take place.


it's probably a thing with the random number generator. iTunes used to have something like that with their songs too, happens sometimes.


Perfect for Latvian course.


Duolingo: providing for any sort of situation.

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