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  5. "I ask you nicely."

"I ask you nicely."

Translation:Eu te întreb pe tine frumos.

December 30, 2016



I put pe voi at the end (when I translated it as vă întreb frumos pe voi) and it said it was wrong. Is that an error or is it actually wrong in this case?


Since "you" can mean both "tu" and "voi", all the variants of

  • (Eu) te întreb frumos (pe tine).

  • (Eu) vă întreb frumos (pe voi).

should be correct.


I tried "Te cer frumos" which was marked wrong - "vă cer frumos" was suggested. Was my attempt wrong?


Very wrong... "a cere" is a verb that requires dative case "cui ( ceri)?" therefore "eu îți cer” = ”eu cer ție”. The complete dative setup is ”îmi cer (mie) / îți cer (ție) / îi cer (lui-ei) / ne cerem (nouă) / vă cer (vouă) / le cer (lor). As you can see, for second person plural the form is what you got as suggestion.

If you use ”eu te cer” it means that you actually request the other person as a possession. ”Eu te cer de la tatăl tău” means ”I ask your father to give you to me (commonly for wedding)” :-D


Thanks for clarifying! I hadn't recalled that "cere" took a dative, & when "vă" was suggested, I'd understood this to confirm an accusative, as the dative & accusative forms in second person plural are the same.

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