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Word List Feature

Are there any plans to put a word list feature on the Vietnamese course? I use it quite frequently in my Spanish studies.

Thank you!

December 30, 2016



There is a way to get Duolingo to show a word list for Vietnamese, I think.


This comment is about Russian. The first response tells how to get a words list for Russian, but it should also work for Vietnamese.


Maybe I'm just blind, but I'm not seeing it. For Spanish, you just click "Words" up by the home/activity/discussion buttons. But there is no such button in the Vietnamese course. At least, not one I can see. :-/


I wasn't finished writing my comment... You can only get to it with a workaround.

Oh yeah, and could you tell me if it works or not?


Holy cow that worked! Thank you much. Lingots, my friend. :)

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