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Microphone intermittently works

I'm finding that every so often as I'm doing lessons the microphone stops working. The button still works and it still seems to pick up my voice when it's recording but when I hit stop it does not check or grade my answer. Please look into this. I'm on the latest version of firefox on Windows 7.

February 26, 2014

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I get this as well. I'm on the latest version of Firefox with windows 8.1 I find that if I go to settings (arrow down from your username next to pic) and switch microphone and speaker off, click on "save changes", then switch them on again, "save changes" I can just carry on. So it's only mlldly irritating. NB - I suggest that you right click on settings and open in a new tab. That way there's less chance (or maybe none) of breaking the exercise you are in the middle of.

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