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  5. "I am writing to Dewi Lingo."

"I am writing to Dewi Lingo."

Translation:Dw i'n ysgrifennu at Dewi Lingo.

December 31, 2016



Why is it "at" instead of "ato"? I'm sorry, I am in strengthening, so I don't know which section to look it up in.


We don't conjugate prepositions to match names just pronouns. so "Ato fe/fo" but "At Dewi Lingo/Ceri Lingo etc".


Why can't you use "i" instead of "at" to mean "to" in this case?


Because prepositions rarely translate well. In Welsh it is always "Ysgrifennu at". In fact "at" is always used with "to+a person", e.g "Mynd at y meddyg" is "Going to the doctor" and "to+a place" is "i" e.g "mynd i'r feddygfa" is "going to the doctor's (surgery)".

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