"He has a sweater."

Translation:Αυτός έχει μία ζακέτα.

December 31, 2016

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Whoo, boy; here we go again. Έχει ζακέτα earned the red screen of death. I thought we'd established that this type of expression doesn't require the indefinite article in Greek -- and that, in fact, the use of μία here would actually stress the idea of one sweater, rather than the requested a. Yes?


I though Sweater is a pullover or a blouse and not a jacket


Πουλόβερ is added as an accepted translation to sweater, as well as ζακέτα is an accepted translation to jacket in the incubator sentence. Not sure why this sentence is like this, but keep in mind that I have seen a bunch of reports stating that the meaning of sweater and jacket differs from AE to BE and so on. So in order to please as many learners as we can (reasonably, of course), we accept a few of them. So feel free to use whichever one you want. ^.^

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