Need a little help with a phrase.

I was just reading this article on SVT and I came across the expression "Jag har suttit inne".

From context I'd take it to mean "I have been imprisoned / locked up." Is this correct? I didn't have much luck with a dictionary search.

December 31, 2016


I could be way off but it literally means "I have sat in/inside..." which given the context of the article I would take it the way you did.

Sitting inside a prison to me would mean being incarcerated. Unless you were a really lazy guard.

December 31, 2016

Yup, sitta inne is a set expression (informal) meaning 'be imprisoned'.
Interestingly, in Russian they express the same idea with the word 'sit'.
In Swedish, sitta is typically used not just for literally sitting, but also for different kinds of situations where someone or something is 'stuck'. Our normal verb for 'being stuck' is sitta fast (particle verb, stress on fast).

December 31, 2016

I had a teacher in gymnasiet who had apparently never heard of this. He routinely arrived late for lessons (not that we complained, mind you) and always explained himself with jag blev sen för jag har suttit inne på kåken. He was easily the weirdest teacher we ever had, though, so we were never quite sure...

December 31, 2016

Also in Polish verb "to sit" can be informally used in a sense "do time in prison" :)

January 4, 2017

In wiktionary there is sitta inne:

December 31, 2016
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