"Porți pantofi?"

Translation:Do you wear shoes?

December 31, 2016

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Can this also mean "are you wearing shoes?"


"You wear shoes?" is not correct?


Accepted now, anyway. Aug '17


Its actually "wear shoes" duolingo just wants to make pain


I've tried "do you wear" and "are you wearing", both are accepted. I've noticed this is a pattern. I don't understand how you distinguish between the two things in Romanian. They're not the same but there doesn't yet seem to be a way of doing it.


Romanian does not have the present continuous tense, so both are accepted.


Well, to speakers of (I think) most languages these two things are absolutely the same. It is a distinction that English makes, which is absent in many other languages, while English lacks a lot of distinctions that are made elsewhere.

In Dutch for example, we have two separate words for 'to put', depending on the shape of the object and whether you will put it in a horizontal or a vertical position. Totally different words to us. :)


Why does it translate to do you wear shoes? while its litteraly Wear shoes the hints are wrong

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