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"Cette maison est assez grande pour que votre famille puisse y vivre."

Translation:That house is big enough so that your family may live in it.

February 17, 2013



Are "pour que" and "afin que" interchangeable? If not, what cases are both of them used in?


Yes, I tend to consider them as interchangeable, grammatically speaking. In terms of usage, "afin que" is less often used.

pls re: http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/conjunctions_5.htm


That's treasure. Thanks again


I put 'quite big' for 'assez grande' why is it 'enough' here?


because it makes more sense in the context of the sentence


Could someone explain why this would be unacceptable: "This house is large enough that your family would be able to live there"? I understand that "pour" is "for," but (I think) my construction maintains the sense as well as the use of the subjunctive in the English (which the "correct" answer does not do). Thanks!


Agreed, "that your family" is far better English than "so that your family."


Does anyone else think that "family" can be plural, requiring "puissent" instead of puisse"?


In French, a singular subject is accompanied by a singular verb form, even if the subject has to be understood as a plural. So, even though "une famille" is a group of several people, its verb will always be singular.


in Duolingo English for French => "....may live in it" is a good answer but here it is wrong. It is a problem.


I feel as though in English we need a futurate to translate the "puisse y vivre." After all, this living is not occurring at the speaker's present reference moment. In French, one uses the present subjunctive for future actions, but in English I think we may use a futurate of some sort.

The tendency in English is to use the subjunctive in the other half of the sentence: It important that this house be rather big, so that the family will be able to live there. In dreaming up the ideal house, we conclude that the ideal house must be rather big. In comparison, This house is big enough for your family (to be able) to live there. The English equivalent does not form a subjunctive.

In contrast, Be your family able to live there, the house must be how big? Reply: The house must be this big, so that your family will be able to live there. Again, the English equivalent does not form a subjunctive.

Are we permitted, "Cette maison doit être assez grande pour que votre famille veuille y vivre?" It seems that there must be some volition in the action of living anywhere. It makes more sense to me, "Il a besoin de chirurgie pour qu'il puisse vivre." "La maison doit être rénovée pour qu'elle puisse y vivre." Finally, "Cette maison est trop petite pour que votre famille ne puisse y vivre." Did I use the "ne littéraire" correctly?

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