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"Η τεχνολογία βοηθά τη ζωή μας."

Translation:Technology helps our life.

December 31, 2016



should this not be our 'lives' to agree with 'our lives'?


Well, this is kind of a language difference issue. In english, plural is used as to make it more general, but in Greek singular is used and it sounds perfectly general. There is an alternative translation with "our lives" instead of "our life" in this sentence, probably because of the reports, but we can't change the main sentence just yet. ^.^ Thank you for your comment though. I hope you'll have a happy new year, too. ^.^


Θα έπρεπε να μετράει και το: Η τεχνολογία βοηθάει τη ζωή μας


In listening exercises, only one sentence is accepted. If the speaker says βοηθά, then you have to type βοηθά even if you personally would have said βοηθάει instead.

It has to be "type (exactly) what you hear".


So, "our lives" would be : "τις ζωές μας"?


Our lives=Οι ζωές μας. Δεν χρησιμοποιείται ο πληθυντικός σε αποφθέγματα όπως "Η τεχνολογία βοηθά τη ζωή μας"


You are correct. But as ioanna said, in sentences like the one we are commenting on, you would use singular.


I suggest adding 'assists' and 'aids' as possible alternatives to 'helps'.


Duolingo shows mi correct solution like this: "TheTechnology helps our lives". Precisely this one three times: "TheTechnology". Could somebody correct it please either to "Technology", or to "The technology"?


I think it has been corrected. Thank you for your comment. ^.^


What greek word would be used for "facilitates" in a similar sentence?


Facilitate translates to διευκολύνω in Greek. ^.^

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