"Eu nu am linguriță!"

Translation:I do not have a teaspoon!

December 31, 2016

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This was a listening exercise for me, I thought the voice said “lingurița“, but fortunately it was accepted. Why do we not use either the definite or the indefinite article, though?


When there is no article, you can usually add an indefinite article and it means the same thing. Not the other way around though.

The difference in cases like this between adding an indefinite article ("o") and not adding one is very small.

Kind of like saying: I have no spoon = Nu am lingurita I don't have a spoon = Nu am o lingurita

Should probably learn it as it is, I don't see it making much sense as a native speaker anyway


Why is the indefinite article dropped here?


Not entirely sure, but no Romanian (in my experience) would use the indefinite article here. Actually, they tend to drop it more often than not. I speak with a lot of Romanians and this is normal. However, the difference that they are making between teaspoon and spoon is inconsequential in the actual use of the language.


Is linguriță a teaspoon as in a unit of measure such as adding a teaspoon of salt to a recipe or a long handled spoon used stirring iced tea?


So the suffix ‘iță’ is a feminine suffix for little? Like Spanish ‘ita’?


Yes, it is the diminutive. They say it to make words "cute."


As I'm doing these exercises I just wondered this too. Italian has the same concept with some if it's words.


Eu nu am o lingurita sau ,,lingurita,,?????????????

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