"Eu o iubesc pe soția mea."

Translation:I love my wife.

December 31, 2016

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Does it need the pronoun "o"?


Yes. When you have pe you also need the pronoun.

  • Ea îl iubește pe el.
  • Eu o iubesc pe prietena mea.
  • Maria le iubește pe surorile ei.
  • Ea iubește florile.
  • Eu iubesc femeile.


Why the two last ones do not have le & pe? Accusative pronouns seem to be used only for people at least, but what about the last example?


The accusative pronoun refers to a particular person or persons, but the last example above -- "Eu iubesc femeile" means "I love women" in general.

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    Te iubesc - i love you

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