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  5. "Ours or yours?"

"Ours or yours?"

Translation:Ai noștri sau ai voștri?

December 31, 2016



When do you have to add "ai"? When its not specified?


Depending on the context, " ours or yours" can be translated as " A noastră sau a voastră?"( fem, sg), " Ale noastre sau ale voastre?" ( fem, pl), " Al nostru sau al vostru?"( masc, sg) and " Ai noştri sau ai voştri?" ( masc, pl)...also you can make a combination where " yours" can be interpreted as the singular form of the possesive pronoun. So..." Ai noştri sau ai tăi?" (Masc)and also " Ale noastre sau ale tale?"(fem)

In conclusion, all these should be accepted as correct answer.


Are there multiple correct solutions here? Why is this sentence translated to masculine and not feminine?


Both masculine and feminine should be correct.


I just entered the same answer/translation it accepted 3 questions ago and now it tells me I'm wrong??


I am not sure. What was your answer?


My answer is "ale noastre sau ale voastre" or "a noastra sau a voastra" or"al nostru sau al vostru" Did you understand? Good!


How do I know this sentence is plural?


This is so frustrating. I really thought the right answer was "Nostru sau vostri" and I don't know why it's not.

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