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"Le père est pour qu'il voie son bébé."

Translation:The father is here to see his baby.

February 17, 2013



Super awkward way to say it in French. We would say "Son père est là pour voir son bébé".


why does Duolingo have to lengthen these sentences unnecessarily? Court et simple s'il vous plait!


In "The father is here so that he may see his baby.", where is "may" coming from?


"May" is often used in English in contexts where the subjunctive is used in French: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subjunctive_mood


the father is there so that he sees his baby was marked wrong, someone explain why


the subjunctive mood is the same as the indicative in english for most verbs (i.e. not "to be" "to have" and their ilk;) ) except in the third person singular where you drop the "s"

so technically it is only correct ( though pedantic) if you say "the father is there so that he see his baby" ????

although as Raul_Duke said I think if that is what you wrote it was most likely marked incorrectly because of the "that that"


I put"The father is there in order that he see his baby" This was marked wrong They weren't worried about me saying "there" ,But they said I had to say "The father is there in order to see his baby"


thankyou, that was not what was intended!

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