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"No, she does not like potatoes for dinner."

Translation:Ні, вона не любить картоплю на вечерю.

December 31, 2016



if ''dinner'' is ''vecherya'' - what is ''supper''?

[deactivated user]

    For people who eat 'dinner' in the evening, 'supper' means a lighter evening snack, generally considered unhealthy, and can be translated as «вечі́рній переку́с» 'evening snack', «нічни́й переку́с» 'night snack' or «дру́га вече́ря» 'second evening meal' into Ukrainian.

    It's difficult to find exact correspondences because Ukrainian and English uses different criteria. In English, the choice depends on the size of the meal:

    • 'lunch' is something that comes before 'dinner',
    • 'dinner' is the main meal of the day,
    • 'supper' is someting that comes after 'dinner'.

    In Ukraine, it depends on the time:

    • обід is something eaten around midday,
    • вечеря is something eaten in the evening.

    In the past, most people ate the main meal during midday, so 'dinner' was translated 'обід', and supper was translated 'вечеря'. 'Lunch' was left untranslated, and we had to come up with something like «переку́с перед обі́дом» 'snack before midday meal' or «дру́гий сніда́нок» 'second morning meal' for it.

    But the times are changing. Now, most people work in the office, and have limited time for their midday meal. We typically go to some canteen and eat what's available there. It's no longer our main meal, so most people no longer eat 'dinner' in the midday. Now, most people eat the more after coming from their work, when they are at home. So, the evening meal became the main meal, and that's why it's called 'dinner'. Therefore, we translate 'dinner' as «вечеря», 'lunch' as «обід», and 'supper' is left untranslated (we need to come up with some indirect translations like «нічний перекус»).

    The problem with finding a correct translation is that it depends on when you eat the main meal. My grandma, who spent most of her life in the village, ate the biggest meal during the day. So, for her, обід was the main meal, so обід = dinner, вечеря = supper. But I, living in a city and working in the office, eat more during the evening. So, for me, обід = lunch, вечеря = supper.

    It depends on the size of meal, and on the eating tranditions, so it's very difficult to find a translation that will work for everyone. But now, for most people, midday meal is smaller than evening meal, so that's why Duolingo translates обід = dinner, supper = вечеря.


    Да вы тут все наркоманы. С какого рожна dinner тут вечеря?

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