"Anna your brother does not answer me!"

Translation:Ana, fratele tău nu-mi răspunde!

December 31, 2016

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Why not put "mie" after raspunde?


It's redundant. You can use "mie" for emphasis, for example "he doesn't answer me, but he answers her" "Nu imi răspunde mie, dar ii răspunde ei" Usually, "mie" isn't used in this case since it's already implied that you're talking by yourself in "imi" Romanian is a funny language, you can say something in a lot of different ways


But then they need to be more specific on the lessons because if we follow the logic to most of the answers we have to use it. To me, all the other answers seems redundant as well. Any insights?


Good question, I too would like to know why it won't accept "mie."


How come "îmi" can't be shortened in the "nu-mi" here?


Native here, it totally can, but Duolingo is a bit stiff with the answers.


I haven't check the explanation very good, but it seems that you can make a kind of 'Liaison' as in french. If you see 'nu îmi' you can notice de letter 'î' practically does not have sound and is a vowel, and in the shortened sentence where is 'nu-mi' you just take off the vowel. Anyways, if you are working from a computer or tablet, on your top left side is the buttom 'Tips & Notes' or if you are working from a smartphone, in the main screen of the Dative Pronouns bubble is a detailed explanation about it.


duolingo now accepts that answer


Please Duolingo be consistent with the answers. Putting "mie" after "răspunde" is following the exact same pattern the other questions have. :)


One of the three options was "Anna, fratele tău nu îmi umplu!" which, if I'm not mistaken, seems to border on the salacious, much as Romania borders Moldova. Not complaining, just observing.


How is "Ana, fratele voștri nu îmi răspunde!" different?


I think it should then be „frații voștri”


No, that would be your brothers, plural.


i think it should be "fratele vostru" in that case


if you use voștri (your pl.) you should use "don't answer us" not "don't answer me"


I don't know where you see a link between whose brother it is and who he doesn't answer to.


So, to clarify: it's mandatory to have "nu-mi", and "nu îmi" is NOT allowed in Romanian? Multumesc anticipat.


Duo accepted my answer: "Ana, fratele tău nu îmi răspunde." (May 11, 2020).


It's not mandatory, but very common.

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