"They eat and they drink."

Translation:Ei mănâncă și ei beau.

January 1, 2017

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when can i use "iar"?


It could work here if you want to put emphasis on the different actions (eat vs drink).

We would surely say Ei mănâncă iar ei beau (but note that it's essential for this to make sense that the former ei are others from the later ei), but we would never say Ei mănâncă iar ei mănâncă.


"beau" is wrongly pronounced


What does "iar" mean ? Why can't we say " ei mananc " ?


Iar is for a comparison, when you have 2 different groups that make 2 different actions. For example: "Ei mănâncă iar ele beau"

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For the second part of your question, in Romanian the verbs must be conjugated according with the person. In this case:

  • I s - eu mănânc

  • II s - tu mănânci

  • III s - el/ea mănâncă

  • I pl - noi mâncăm

  • II pl - voi mâncați

  • III pl - ei/ele mănâncă


I am using a phone . The crrect accent to go under some letters does not exist on here - ş is what I have and it keeps saying it's wrong.


On my phone I was able to switch to a Romanian keyboard so now I have all the correct letters. I have to press and hold a little globe next to the spacebar.


There are not two eis

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