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"Sunt două vaze frumoase pe mobilierul cel vechi."

Translation:There are two beautiful vases on the old furniture.

January 1, 2017



Why is this not "the oldest furniture"?


Cel mai vechi would be the oldest.

I'm not able however to explain why sometimes we put cel in there. I don't think it impacts the meaning if you say mobilierul vechi instead.


Oh, of course, it would be missing the "mai." Thank you.


I think this refers to "the old piece of furniture" (refused), "mobilier" being countable. Reported.


I'm not a native speaker but i think there is a pause when talking as if you were giving an explanation about which type of furniture you are talking about.

There are two beautiful vases on the furniture (pause) the old one.


I also heared it is a way to stress something, which does exist in English as well, just not so frequently used. Ștefan cel mare is Stefan the great.


Why isn't "They are ..." accepted?

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