January 1, 2017



lectura is surely lecture, not reading?...


Lecture in English seems to mean talk or speech.

In Romanian it means to read as a verb (though we prefer a citi) and reading as a noun.


In English, lecture is primarily used relating to academia. Either as in "the students go to a lecture" (noun) or "the lecturer/professor is lecturing/lectures his students" (verb). As a result talk or speech aren't really synonyms as it is means more of a detailed, one-way discussion of a particular topic. It sounds like it's a bit different in Romanian so it's confusing!


That's correct. Related to academia, what we have however is lector as a rank for university teachers which probably has the same root as lecturer but entered the language later from German or French, while we got lectură (noun, verb) from French or Latin a lot longer ago.


For clarification, please: O lectură in Romanian would be something like a speech being delivered? Or would it be closer to an assigned reading passage? Trying to get a handle on an equivalent usage I am familiar with in an academic context. Thank-you.

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