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  5. "I would like a cold coffee."

"I would like a cold coffee."

Translation:Εγώ θέλω έναν κρύο καφέ.

January 1, 2017



So, using the conditional form, "I would like", is the same as "I want"?


Happy New Year Lng52-._ ^.^

Well, normally, would translates to "θα ήθελα", as for it to sound just a bit more polite, but I guess it's been translated as θέλω here, to make it sound less formal (you do here θέλω more often than θα ήθελα). There is no context issue, either. So either of them is okay. ^.^


Question: I wrote Θέλω ένα κρύο καφέ and was told that I should have written έναν instead. Why is that? Does it have something to do with me choosing to omit the Εγώ?


It should always be έναν because it's masculine accusative and according to current spelling rules (e.g. http://ebooks.edu.gr/modules/ebook/show.php/DSDIM-F102/580/3784,16613/ ) that never drops the final nu.


Okay. When I commented, the sentence for discussion read as Εγώ θέλω ένα κρύο καφέ, but now it's showing up as έναν, so I'm guessing it's a mistake y'all fixed and the correction is still working its way through the system.


Something like that, yes - it's half fixed, as the variant with ένα is still in the system and may show up some of the time, but the one with έναν should show up preferentially.

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