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Difference between Ce, cette, ca, ce, etc.

Can somebody please explain the difference between all of these because I do not understand?

January 1, 2017



Ce livre = this/that book ( masculine ) Cette table = this/that table ( féminine ) " se " must be placed before a verb example : " Il veut SE venger " Elle aime SE baigner " Ils SE sont fait mal ... " etc " sa/son/ses it's when it belongs to a person ( sa=féminine/son=masculine and 'ses " = plurial ) example : " mon frère SE situe dans SA voiture " " la voiture de ma soeur SE trouve/situe dans SON garage " " ma fille joue avec SES jouets " i hope you understood my friend , i also learn english :)

January 1, 2017


Ce (masculine but cet before a masculine noun beginning with a vowel or mute h) and cette (feminine) mean this/that. Ça can mean that or it.
Example: Ça va bien is French for I'm doing well however it literally translates to It goes well or It is going well.

My advice is for you to keep working through your French tree - it will become much clearer the more exercises you do. I recommend always using the website if you can and, if you come across a sentence that confuses you, click on the sentence discussion - you may find your query explained. If not, post a new query, especially if you have come across a newer exercise that has little or no discussion.

Bonne chance !


So Cette is 'this' and Ca is 'that' (no cedillas on my keyboard)

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