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romanian still in beta?

just checked the app on my phone and it seemed to be working for awhile, until it randomly stopped and said it was unsupported waah :( does that mean it was just added and it's a bug? or still in beta? can beta languages be accessed in the app? anyone else notice?

January 1, 2017



I'm hoping this course be available on the app for Android, because much time have passed already and this language doesn't appear on my smartphone. It's a shame this lack, even the greek course exists already in the app list for Android. Even in beta version, other courses were launched some days after from web. But the Romanian Course is taking too long :/


Beta languages can be accessed via the app, for example, Hebrew. I haven't seen Romanian appear on the app yet and I don't think it has been published (I may be wrong though).

I was under the impression it would be a couple of months until Romanian appeared onto the app as it has only recently been released on BETA.


ohh okay thanks. yeah it's just weird because it keeps saying romanian is not supported yet, but it still works about 50-70% of the time, then it either starts over or stops working. shrug


That's odd, perhaps it will adjust soon. He hopes

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