"You scold me and I cry."

Translation:Tu mă cerți pe mine și eu plâng.

January 1, 2017

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Do you have to explicitly write "eu" here? Couldn't you write "Tu mă cerţi şi plâng"? Since "plâng" is the correct form for "I", I don't think there is any ambiguity. If you do have to explicitly write "eu", why can you sometimes omit it and sometimes not.


It is ambiguous because it could be eu plâng (I cry) or ei/elle plâng (they cry).

Indeed, if it's just us two in a room and I say that, I can omit the eu, but if it's an argument between mom and dad with the kids around, then it's ambiguous whether I cry or they cry.


Thank you. My point is: you could hear that in Romania, or say that and it would be a perfectly correct sentence (depending on the context). Right?


That is correct.


Could you omit "pe mine" and just say "Mă certați/cerți și plâng"?

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