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"Luggage is not prohibited in the taxi."

Translation:Οι αποσκευές στο ταξί δεν απαγορεύονται.

January 1, 2017



Can you also say η αποσκευή or do you have to use the plural form?


Can you also say η αποσκευή

That's a possible expression in Greek but it means "the piece of luggage" or "the item of luggage".

It does not refer to "luggage" as a whole, which can refer to any number of items.

So in this sentence, you need the plural form αποσκευές.


DL counted my response as incorrect since I used accents on: "αποσκευές", "απαγορεύονται" and "ταξί".


Καλησπέρα. Γιατί θεωρείτε λάθος η μετάφραση «οι αποσκευές δεν είναι απαγορευμένες στο ταξί»;


An odd phrase, it means luggage is allowed in the taxi. Is it a literal translation from Greek, a double negative meaning luggage is absolutely forbidden in the taxi?


No, it means that it's allowed, but you're right. This is a case of redundancy, and it should be fixed. ( although I've heard it being used like this in spoken Greek. Abusively.)

Thank you for pointing it out ^.^


This messed me up into my teens as I still thought "prohobited" meant "allowed".

The other is απαραίτητο as it starts with an alpha which makes it sound like a negative or "not" word.


Βαλίτσες is not valid for luggage?


βαλίτσες are suitcases; your luggage might also consist of baskets, backpacks, parcels, or other kinds of containers.

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