"The final contest."

Translation:Ο τελικός διαγωνισμός.

January 1, 2017

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An observation: Ancient Gk (AG) used ἀγών, ῶνος for athletic contests and battle. διαγωνισμός apparently was also used in AG but less so and with the prefix acting as a genuine intensifier, "a great straining" (LSJM, 392). Anyway, people coming to modern Gk from ancient will not find this vocab difficult because of the αγων stem, but it's interesting that the intensifying aspect of the prefix δια is no longer operative with this word. Gk is such an incredible language synchronically and diachronically.


Is "τελευταίος" not possible here?


Τελευταίος = last

Τελικός = final

I did think there is a difference between these two, in some cases. Last meaning the last one in a series or the most recent one, and final meaning the one that's not going to change. ^.^


Thanks for the clarification Dimitra. It is much appreciated since the dictionaries were not very clear.


You're welcome. Oh I do understand your concern on this one. There are a lot of reports about interchangeable words, where learners are confused about why one is not accepted even though it exists in the hints. We all know though that are exceptions. There are words that are interchangeable in most cases, but not all of them, and those cases are not clarified in dictionaries, or the hints. But that's definitely a language thing. Habit, experience and time resolve these matters.^.^


Also all the helpful and generous moderators and users on Duo! I take screen shots of all the clarifications that interest me, and upload them to iBooks where I can refer to them at any time. Its my Ulysses file:-)


That's so thoughtful of you, and a great way to learn the language in depth! :D

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