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"Voi beți apă și voi mâncați sandviciul."

Translation:You drink water and you eat the sandwich.

1 year ago



Can someone explain the difference between "water" and "the water". I read it before but I am confused.

1 year ago

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Apă = water. Apa = the water.

1 year ago


I believe when you're adding "the" to a word ending with "ă," you just replace it with "a." For example, fată would become fata, and apă would become apa.

1 year ago


Yes, that is for female nouns, singular. Male (and neuter) nouns in singular have sufix ul or le, like

bărbat, man, bărbatul, the man

Câine, dog Câinele, the dog

3 months ago


Can someone translate this to Spanish please?

2 months ago


Don't know if you still want the translation but here it is : "bebes agua y comes emparedado"

1 month ago


Again, there was only one sandwich, you'll have to share it. But luckily there is an indeterminate amount of water.

1 month ago


I translated it as you guys drink water and you guys eat the sandwich, can someone answer what they mean by plural you then? is it like saying Ihr trinkt wasser und Ihr esst das sandwich in German?

1 year ago


Yeah. Voi is the 2nd person plural, which is you in English, ihr in German or vous in French. It's called plural because you mean more than one person by it, as opposed to you singular, which only adresses one person.

8 months ago


Coincidentally, I am also learning French (more ahead with it on DL), and some German (I love it).

2 months ago