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  5. "Nu este nimeni înaintea mea!"

"Nu este nimeni înaintea mea!"

Translation:There is nobody in front of me!

January 1, 2017



Is there a difference between înaintea mea & în raţa mea?


Înaintea mea can mean physically (as in front of me or ahead of me in a queue) as well as in time (to happen before me).

În fața mea lacks the temporal sense.

I think a safer translation for Nu este nimeni înaintea mea! would be There is nobody before/ahead of me! instead of There is nobody in front of me! as it would also cover the temporal sense.


I know that it's just a typo, but for other people who might come across this, "raţa mea" actually means "my duck," while "în faţa mea" means "in front of me."


Lol, în rața. Don't use it, it's stupid.


nimeni sounds weird i could not recognize it


"No body is in front of me" should be accepted. I reported it.

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