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  5. "No siento los zapatos."

"No siento los zapatos."

Translation:I do not feel the shoes.

February 17, 2013



What does this mean?


is this idiomatic, or just nonsense?


Really? One can "feel the shoes" ?


I guess it could mean "My feet have gone numb so I don't feel the shoes that are on my feet," but more likely it's one of the nonsense sentences Duolingo loves.


Haha! I wondered if it could not mean: the shoes do not pinch my feet, so I do not feel the shoes as opposed to I do not feel my feet any longer...


Some of the sentences used seem to be responses to specific situations. I do not believe that because a sentence is not common or used in everyday circumstances that it should not be learned.


I imagined someone looking for their shoes underneath a blanket or something but this is a good idea as well.


"Feel" is used this way by many in the US. But I imagine that many people would find it odd.


I can't recall ever hearing or using a sentence like, "I don't feel the shoes." I don't know what that's supposed to mean. Can you give another example?


Example - One might be told that a pair of shoes are under the bed. While feeling for (or looking for) pair a shoe under the bed, one might reply back "I do not feel the shoes." - best guess


On American Idol, judge Randy Jackson is famous for saying he doesn't 'feel' a performance - meaning, he doesn't like it. "I'm not feeling it, man."


But that's only because my feet are numb from increasing the food a short while ago.

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