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"Через год Дженни будет в третьем классе."

Translation:In a year Jenny is going to be in the third grade.

January 1, 2017



Can anybody write the translation? No translation for android users. Thanks!


In a year Jenny is going to be in the third grade.


In a year, Jenny will be in the third grade?


Could it be "next year" instead of "in a year"?


Not a native speaker, but I think it can be understood to mean next year, but not literally translated to next year: "в следующем году" is used for this, so it requires the pronoun в, the adjective следуюшем in prepositional case, and год in locative case, to function as an adverb of time. This sentence uses через + accusative год to demonstrate a period of time after which an action will begin (refer to 1. c. here https://www.alphadictionary.com/rusgrammar/time.html)

again not a native speaker so please correct me if I am wrong on any of these points.


which case is required after Через?


How about "After the year..."


Is this correct? "Jenny will be in third grade in a year's time"

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