"Two English apples."

Translation:Două mere englezești.

January 1, 2017

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I have a question related to Essential Grammar by Gönczöl/Davies in which the word măr for apple is listed as masculine:

This confused me so I looked it up in dex:


Definition 1 is apple, the tree, definition 2 is apple, the fruit - 1 is masculine, 2 is neuter.

Can măr on it's own also be a word for apple tree?

The grammar is still in the wrong, because it says nothing about an apple tree.


Măr for apple tree is masculine. The plural for it is (doi) meri.

Măr for apple is neuter. The plural for it is (două) mere.

Two English apples. is correctly translated to Două mere englezești.


That was super fast, I'm still editing the question :). So if I say Eu am un măr, it can actually mean I have an apple tree?


Yes. The translation for măr / meri in that image is wrong (or obsolete).

  • Am un măr în grădină.
  • El a cazut din măr.
  • Mărul e mai înalt decât casa.
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