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  5. "Παίζω πιάνο καλά"

"Παίζω πιάνο καλά"

Translation:I play piano well

January 1, 2017



Shouldn't it be "the piano"? Shouldn't we use"the" with musical instruments in English?


I don't think an English speaker would say this but they might say " I play the piano very well". For some reason, I don't know why, we always put a word before well, quite well, reasonably well, very well but not well on its own.


I found your observation really enticing since I hadn't observed the required use of a word before "very" but research shows that it is not strict nor common usage. In fact according to Ngram the frequency of "well" is higher than "very well". here


That is fascinating. Since it runs from 1800, it does not seem to be Am. as against Br. Usage. "Nice" on its own sounds very strange to me but it must be a bee in my own bonnet. Thanks for checking it up. I must ask friends do they play the piano and listen to the answer! :-)


It's the old UK / US thing again! Standard UK English...... Do you play the piano? You play the piano nicely / very well!


The intonation of the Greek audio sounded like a question to me, so "Do I play piano well?" Or am I mishearing?


It does not sound like a question to me. However, as you know the audio is computer generated (TTS) and sometimes it's not perfect.


I suspect that your translation into English is to American English. It is definitely not English English. I also have the impression that it is not even good American English.


] We are always open to corrections but you haven't shown us what you think needs to be corrected. Just criticizing is not productive.

We also have "I play the piano well." as a correct translation.

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