"She drinks her orange juice."

Translation:Ea bea sucul ei de portocale.

January 1, 2017



Would 'sa' also be correct here? "Ea bea sucul SA de portocale." ?

January 1, 2017


sucul său because suc is masculine

  • Sucul său. (masculine singular)
  • Apa sa. (feminine singular)
  • Cartofii săi. (masculine plural)
  • Bananele sale. (feminine plural)
January 1, 2017


Sucul de portocale său is completely out of question?

September 17, 2017


In many languages this clause would require a construction that leaves the noun phrase 'sucul de portocale' intact. There, something like 'ei', separating 'sucul' and its modifier 'de portocale', would sound odd. Not in Romanian, interestingly enough! Thanks!

July 1, 2018


What about 'sucul de portocale al ei' ?

February 13, 2018


To say the equivalent of "her orange juice" in this way you would have to say "'sucul de portocale care este al ei" (literally, the orange juice which is hers), which, though correct, is cumbersome. The suggested translation is better.

May 3, 2018
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