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  5. "Πληρώνω με πιστωτική κάρτα."

"Πληρώνω με πιστωτική κάρτα."

Translation:I pay by credit card.

January 1, 2017



"I pay with credit card" is rejected as an answer in English, but I think it should be accepted. As far as I know "pay with" and "pay by" are interchangeable and mean the same thing. (A very unscientific test of Google searching "pay by" and "pay with" returns more results for the latter, in fact).

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In that case, we would use: "I pay with a credit card." This has been added to the incubator as an accepted translation. Thank you.


I pay with credit card does not need a

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"I pay by credit card." or "I pay with a credit card"


'I pay with credit card' is a common colloquialism, much the same as 'by credit card'. Neither are grammatical in formal language, but both are acceptable in informal language.


However, our purpose here is to teach proper Greek, not common colloquialisms. Emphasis on Greek, as this should be everyone's goal when taking this course. To learn or practice Greek, not search for common colloquialisms in English :P

Sure, there are lots of colloquiallisms commonly used in English and Greek. If we included every single one of them, the hints and alternatives would be so full that learning would be very close to impossible. Sometimes, it's better to stick with the basic translations, not their alternatives.

(After discussion with a couple of native English speakers, there is no need for with credit card be included in the alternatives.)


Can you say in Greek: Πληρώνω με κάρτα as you say in English: I pay by card / with a card?

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Yes, that would be a very common way to say it.


Hey, maybe we'll clean up our English while learning Greek. ;-) Thank you for holding the line, mods. Your thoroughness gives me confidence in what I'm learning here.

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Thank you for your encouraging words. Yes, we realized from the start that we had to be rather rigid is what we accepted as correct otherwise we'd be bogged down in an avalanche of regional, and colloquial expressions. We do of course accept a lot of alternatives but some just cross theline.


I am a native English speaker and 'can I pay with credit card' may be used but I have never heard it. I would say it is slang rather than colloquial.

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