"He likes to cook with an aunt."

Translation:Він любить готувати з тіткою.

1/1/2017, 7:09:57 PM



"Він любить варити з тіткою/цьоцею." is more accurate. And should be marked correct.

1/1/2017, 7:09:58 PM


This is s very unlikely English sentence. He liked to cook with aunt/aunty/his aunt are all much more likely than 'an aunt'. The latter vaguely implies he has hundreds of aunts or works for an 'aunt convention', or something. Better to use a 'realisitic' sentence for teaching purposes.

1/31/2017, 8:51:17 PM


He likes to cook with an aunt?? When would you ever say that? Like with specially somebody that is an aunt but not neceserilly his?

8/16/2017, 9:27:04 AM
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