"Eu trăiesc."

Translation:I live.

January 1, 2017

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what is the difference between "Eu trăiesc" and "Eu locuiesc" ?


The verb a trăi actually means to live, to be alive. So saying eu trăiesc may mean that I am alive. In this sense it can be used as an euphemism to say that someone is dead: el nu mai trăiește literally translated as he's no longer alive.

It can also be used to say eu trăiesc în Canada meaning that I live in Canada.

It can also be used to say something like eu trăiesc bine meaning that I live well. Former president of Romania, Traian Băsescu, once ended a speech with Să trăiți bine!

The verb a locui actually means to reside somewhere, to live there. So eu locuiesc în Canada also means that I live in Canada.

Both verbs can be used to say that we live together, yet noi locuim împreuna tends to have a physical sense (like roommates: Andrei și Mihai au locuit împreuna în timpul facultății), and noi trăim împreuna can mean more than that (like being significant others: Maria și Ion trăiesc împreună de cinci ani).

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mulțumesc man!


As I understand "traiesc" is "live" generaly be alive, have fun of life etc. But locuesc it is for local area where ee live with or without a dog :-)


Why is "i am living" considered to be wrong?!


"Live" is a static verb in English. Usually it isn't used in Continuous


What about "we are living here for a long time" is it wrong? In english.


Yes, it is wrong. English would use a perfect form of the verb here: We have been living here for a long time or We have lived here for a long time.


Does this mean "I am alive"?

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