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  5. "Do we need such operation?"

"Do we need such operation?"

Übersetzung:Brauchen wir solch eine Operation?

February 26, 2014

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In English, this needs an article - ".... such an operation". Reported 12.01.2015


Not necessarily. I don't know the exact rules, but if "such" should mean "this type of ..." it can be "such ..." without "a/an".

such tea/coffee, such mistake, ...

Here I would say both is possible.


In English, you usually need an article with a countable singular noun. You can say "such tea" or "such coffee," because "tea" and "coffee" are not countable, but you would want to say "such a mistake" or "such an operation."

You could say "such mistakes" or "such operations."

"Such operation" is possible, but it calls on a different meaning of "operation." Here, "operation" would not refer to a medical intervention, but rather to behaving or proceeding in a certain way, more generally.

[US Native English speaker]


"Do we need this type of operation" is indeed correct English. But "Do we need such operation" is incorrect. "Such mistake" -> "such a mistake". "Here I would say both is possible" -> "Here I would say both ARE possible".


Brauchen wir solche Operation. Sollte auch richtig sein!


Brauchen wir solch eine Operation?


"Brauche wir diese Operation" müsste auch stimmen


Still the same horrible English sentence after 4 years. (Reported again, for what it's worth.) This should definitely be either "Do we need such an operation" or "Do we need such operations".


OP ist der Fachausdruck für Operation in der Medizin, warum soll das ein falsches Wort sein ????

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