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Hungarian Creature Advent Calendar

Remember when you were at school, and they had pictures of animals on the walls with their names spelled out? Well I thought I'd do something similar for helping me learn a bit of Hungarian.

I drew a creature for each day of December, and labelled it with the Hungarian word for that creature.

Click on the link below to see the full set of drawings. Each drawing has a link to forvo, so you can check your pronunciation. (I still haven't conquered my pronunciation yet!)


I've tried my best to get the correct words, but if any Hungarians out there spot any mistakes, let me know.

January 1, 2017


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Nagyon jó munka és szép képek!!!


Köszönöm! (I confess, thank you is about as much Hungarian as I can manage at the moment - I'm working on it, slowly!)

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We are all learning :D


I love the idea!! And also the drawings. Although the rabbit is creepy. :D I wonder how much time did it take?


Arf! "That's no ordinary rabbit!"

The rabbit is a very specifically British joke. If you want to know the reason I drew it like that, this short clip from a famous British comedy film explains. :D


As for the drawings, I mostly did 3 at once, every 3 days. Which took an hour or so I think.


Ahh! Monty Python! Of course! I should have known...

Actually, the film is quite well-known in Hungary too. I would also say that it is one of the classic must-sees. It is often quoted. In Hungarian the title is Gyalog galopp.


Is there a Hungarian dub? One day I should like to see that! :D


Here's the same scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pkt7rL_X9n4

You can find other scenes on youtube, as well as the whole film (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKTV9ZXQk5Q)



Though it's going to to be years before I could ever understand the film, the rabbit clip was still funny!

I need to bookmark that.


Wonderful, you even have a rat! Happy New Year!


Ah yes, the rat is rather "exaggerated" but I didn't want people confusing my artwork and thinking I'd drawn a mouse or a vole or something!


what is the last one???


also, is this your art? some of these are hilarious


Yes, it's all my art, apart from the woman in the lidérc picture, where I am spoofing Fuseli's famous painting of a Nightmare. :D I tend to be better at comic drawings than serious ones!


táltos means wizard or shaman or magic horse.

I am surprised, how many online dictionaries don't have listed that word


I wanted to include creatures specific to Hungarian Mythology (hence the lidérc and the táltos) but being unfamiliar with Hungarian history and myth it was a bit nerve wracking as I had to scrabble about on (English) wikipedia and hope for the best. I actually stumbled across the word táltos while hunting for inspiration for drawing a Boszorkány.


The Táltos or the táltosok (plural) were our shamans and healers while we were following our old pagan religion (Tengri). They were gifted, talented and respected. Some of them had hunger for power, too. They helped the chieftans, made profecies, predicted the future and they were said to be able to shapeshift into animal forms like cranes, wolves, eagles, etc. In addition they did the sacrifices (animals). To become a táltos one had to be born with some specific mark on his (only males) body (like be born with teeth or with plus fingers, etc.) or do a miracle or those were considered táltos' too who had epilepsy. After adopting Christianity they were converted, captured, executed, banished or they had to hide (like völvas in Sweden).


I made a point to draw mine with 6 fingers! :D Thank you for the info, it's an interesting subject.


Oh I thought Lidérc just meant chicken xD


According to Wikipedia one of the variants of a Lidérc is a "Miracle Chicken." The other variant is an incubus like creature that visits you at night to drink your life essence. When I read that, I knew I had to spoof that famous painting. :D


Your art looks great (and your Hungarian looks fine, too)!


I love your artwork. I tried to give you 25 lingots but it kept jumping back to 7 or 8 so I stopped at 10 - you already had 2. So now you can try to get rid of them. Actually other than some very good advice about duolingo and learning Hungarian there hasn't been anything to spend lingots on! Welcome here!


Thank you. Alas my learning of Hungarian has been put on hold while I focus on languages from countries where I am job hunting. I would like to come back to it eventually, but that might have to wait until I am retired and have considerably more free time - Hungarian is very difficult for me!

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