"On Thursday we drink beer."

Translation:Joia noi bem bere.

January 2, 2017

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I got this right, but why is it joia and not joi here? does the 'hotarat' form imply "habitually, on wednesdays"?


Good remark! I recently discussed it on this translation too.

Here indeed it seems that saying joia makes it seem like a recurrent activity, so the correct translation for it would be on Thursdays. Yet if it said joia viitoare then it would've meant next Thursday.

Instead of joia, For clarity, I would personally choose to say în fiecare joi.


Actually, in English, both "on Thursday" and "on Thursdays" would be correct, but I agree the latter is preferable for clarity.


"On Thursday" would mean "this coming Thursday," wouldn't it? To me that would mean a specific Thursday and a repeated action on Thursdays.


Beside the fact that since it is an abitual happening it should have been on thursdays, why is pe joi notaccepted? By using Thursday it means this is a one time event; to me it means this coming Thursday we will drink beer. Please explain. Thanks!

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