January 2, 2017



I thought ruou means alcohol in general

February 17, 2017


Yeah, wine is specifically ruou vang. Ruou is more like 'alcohol' or 'booze'.

July 2, 2017


Has anyone else had issues with Duolingo not accepting "nuou" as the answer? I don't have the accents available to get it right. The u and o are both supposed to have accents.

January 2, 2017


The Vietnamese word starts with the letter R. Did you mean to ask if just "ruou" (no accents) can be accepted? If that's your question, then DL shouldn't accept just "ruou". Some of the accents are essentially parts of letters of the Vietnamese alphabet. For example, "o" and "ô" are different letters. They sound different too. "(Con) ong" means "bee" and "ông" refers to an old man. Vietnamese is also a tonal language, and the rest of the accents denote tone. If you have a rising tone to have "ống" that word now means a tube or a pipe. Accents are vital to Vietnamese writing, so DL shouldn't accept "ruou" as an answer. Save for a tiny typo. Not sure if you're using DL on a phone/tablet/computer, but I suggest you install a different keyboard that supports Vietnamese writing. I know it seems like a pain, but it would totally help you learn Vietnamese. I personally use Google Keyboard for my Android tablet. I hope that answers your question!

May 26, 2017
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