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What keeps you motivated?

I was wondering what keeps you motivated to learn Russian. Lately I've been having a lot of problems staying motivated to learn which is really bad because I need to learn how to have at least a simple conversation for a project by mid to late January. So what keeps you going?

January 2, 2017



The streak is a good motivator for me; I don't want to miss a day, and I've found that doing a little each day is a lot more helpful than putting it off and then binge learning every once in awhile.

Tip: Make sure your foundation is good. If you don't understand something and just skim through it, it makes things a lot harder and more boring later because you build off of that. Redo some lessons if you want to!


You know this method works too because he has such a high streak!


Whahahaha! I haven't missed a single day since... three days ago.


Whoa, whoa- is that Artemis Fowl on your profile pic? Sweeeeeet.......


Yo, thanks. Right on, man.


Maintaining my streak motivates me like none other.


Part of learning a language is not just about learning words, grammar, pronunciation, etc. It also takes a lot of research into the culture itself. You need to look into Russian culture, history, etc. You need to look into the background of the Russian language and look at what makes it fascinating. Listen to interviews, documentaries, songs, or whatever you like to entertain yourself with IN RUSSIAN. This will help learning the language become something that you enjoy, and not just an extensive list of exercises.

Find an aspect of the Russian WORLD that you like. Then create a connection between you and the Russian world.

Plus, practice every day, even if it is not a lot. The longer you let the language atrophy, the more likely you are going to want to give up.


I've been learning about Russia and it's history for about a year now and I have to say it is by far the most fascinating country in the world (in my opinion). I guess I don't learn much because I never have free-time anymore and when I do have time I always want to just relax, but thanks for the advice, I'll have to start doing more of that stuff


very good point. my friend has been very helpful - especially w/ respect to the holidays. and everytime we talk or chat now it's like a language lab. loving it!


i have a friend who speaks russian as her first language - so being able to communicate with her in her language keeps me going ))


I started learning Dutch because of a movie I really like and started learning French because my last name came from France. The thought of becoming potentially bilingual (and trilingual) and the fact that I love languages keeps me going. I've finished both the French and Dutch branches on here so now I'm moving onto German and maybe Spanish or Italian afterwards :T


Привет! The motivation game is tough. It will always be up and down no matter what language you are learning. The main thing is to do a little bit at a time, just like what someone else has mentioned here. And mix up your learning resources a bit, for example use podcasts one day, learn grammar on another, only watch youtube clips another day etc. This way it will always be fresh. For me, I wanted to learn something completely different from Spanish or Romance languages and also because of its fascinating culture and literature I am motivated now to keep going with Russian, even though I have only completed a couple of units on Duo and its a hard slog compared to Spanish. Good luck to you!


Hi, 1) use the motivation site - Habitica.com; add 3 tasks per day (morning/day/evening) - each nearly 15 min; it's good for starting; 2) try to read text; watch video or listen to music on Russian. Good luck!!!


Don't know if it will help, but my motivation for learning English was that I desperately wanted to read some comics not translated into Russian and then my favourite books in the original. Reading comics in a different language turned out to be a great idea actually, because where I couldn't fully understand the meaning of words, pictures made it clear enough and kept me interested. If you are into reading, it's killing two birds with one stone, entertainment and language learning. Music, or more specifically deciphering lyrics of songs, has the same effect.


To be honest the best way to learn a language is to do it naturally. I have never used the method of sitting down and studying English yet I can speak it close to my native language even though I have never lived in an English speaking country.

I remember, in my early teens when I was starting to learn English, I have found and memorized the lyrics to a song of vanilla ice which I liked to listen to and sing very much. I have learned many words from computer games, immersive books and song lyrics etc.


It's interesting that you use actual cultural things to help you learn. That's very smart!

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