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  5. "Πώς είναι τα αγόρια;"

"Πώς είναι τα αγόρια;"

Translation:How are the boys?

January 2, 2017



Why is there an accent on ω in πώς when it is the only vowel present? Is it to distinguish between the question word and the non-question word (e.g. this is not how we do it)?

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It is there to separate the question adverb πώς=how, with the conjuction πως=that. Του είπα πως θα φύγω=I told him that I will leave, Του είπα πώς θα φύγω=I told him how I'll leave. In spoken Greek, there is also a difference in pronounciation, with πώς being accented and emphasized.


thank you! wow this keeps getting more and more interesting


Other single-vowel accented words are:

  • πού "where" as opposed to που "that, which"
  • ή "or" as opposed to η "the"

It's a bit like French "où" or "à" where the accent just serves to distinguish words that are spelled the same.


In interrogative pronouns with one syllable the only one I know that has no accent is ποιος/α/ο (sing.), ποιοι/ες/α (pl.) =who?/which? (whom?) in all declensions. Also τι=what? has no accent. Because there are not like them similar in written form.


This. Spanish does the same thing:

"Cuando vengas a Madrid tienes que visitarme." = When you come to Madrid, you have to visit (me).

"¿Cuándo es recomendable viajar a Madrid?" = "When is it best (advisable) to go to Madrid?"


Can I say "Πώς είναι τις γυναίκες;" - How are the women?


It would have to be Πώς είναι οι γυναίκες; — nominative case for the subject “the women”.

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