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I have climbed my Esperanto tree! :)

I finally have conquered my Esperanto tree. :) The Esperanto journey was fascinating, and a journey of adventures. :)

I didn't complete my Esperanto tree in my first attempt. Completing the tree required me to be dedicated, passionate and interested in the language. My first attempt to learn Esperanto was two years back when I was looking for extremely easy trees to complete because I was desperate to see how the celebratory owl looked like. I had never seen one until last year (2016) so two years go, an owl was more than just a golden owl sitting at the end of the tree to me. I tried Norwegian, Swedish and a few more languages so that I could choose the language I wished to learn. Some time later, I read on a discussion post that Esperanto was an extremely easy language and one must try that. Those days, the Esperanto tree was a new tree, which had just joined the other incubated trees. :) Esperanto was always exciting to me. Unfortunately, that attempt wasn't a successful one and I had quit. I deleted Esperanto from my profile and just resumed with my French and Hindi trees.

I completed my Hindi and both my French trees last year. That was when I thought that I must try an easy language just to take a break from any serious language learning activity. I was wandering one again. While learners would be busy with their trees, I would wander amidst the incubating languages, just wishing that an easy language 'magically' appeared and that language would be the language I would learn next. Did not happen. :) At that time, I thought of relearning Esperanto because it was the only language that I thought might be easy for me to learn. I restarted Esperanto! :) I thought of building new strategies so that I wouldn't again quit. After a lot of thought and courage (I'll tell you why later), I decided to note all the words I learnt in a notebook. I numbered the pages in that book till 20, just to see whether I could reach the goal of filling 20 pages with Esperanto words. The notebook kept me going and that was the reason why I continued learning Esperanto.

After a while, I stopped learning Esperanto. I was attracted by the other language trees like Portuguese and Spanish. I had begun Welsh and Swedish some time ago (before Esperanto) so I kept levelling up in these languages. I wouldn't have been able to complete my Esperanto tree had it not been the post by an Esperanto course contributor who said why must one learn Esperanto. I must say that I was inspired by her post and resumed my Esperanto course. :) I hadn't stopped working on my Esperanto tree since then. There were times when I felt like learning Spanish and Portuguese since I had been ignoring all the languages other that Esperanto. There also were times when I would count the number of skills left to learn. Amidst all these thoughts, I managed to sail through the difficulties and then came a day when I could see the bottom of my tree...- no, no! I must say the top of my Esperanto tree. There were 14 skills left and one week to New Year.

So, I made my resolution to complete two skills each day, no matter what and then end my tree on the 31st December 2016. :) I did so by setting my goal and then putting it up on my bio so that I could always remember about my goal. I managed to complete my tree in the end and in the end when I was one question away to complete my tree, I was glad. The ending was more like the time when we countdown to a new year. :)

I rushed throughout the Esperanto tree. I realise that. I am going to re-gild my Esperanto tree and make sure that I understand all the grammar rules and use a lot of resources. :) One of my reasons to learn Esperanto was because it is said to be a 'constructed language'. I didn't know what a constructed language was before. Another reason was because it is said to have many words from several foreign languages. Since I was having difficulty learning other languages especially due to the vocabulary, I thought of trying Esperanto.

At the moment, I am able to identify the words I learnt. I still am not able to construct sentences properly. I also need to work a lot on my pronunciation and speaking skills. I am doing an Esperanto course suggested at the final post. I will be doing some Memrise courses later on. :) I intend to be somewhat fluent in Esperanto by the end of this year. :)

This is my fourth tree. I have learnt a lot while learning Esperanto. It isn't just a language one learns while learning a language, but a whole set of new rules, ideas and a new approach to look at things around you. I learnt that no language is an easy language, but by devoting lots of time and by working hard, one can find a language to be easy. I wouldn't have been able to complete my Esperanto tree had it not been my friends who motivated me right from the beginning till the end of the course. I also was inspired when I saw my friends' accomplishments in Duolingo. I would like to thank the Duolingo team for providing a platform to build a course on Esperanto, the course contributors for building such an amazing course with many funny and thoughtful sentences, my friends for motivating me all the time and the Duolingo Esperanto community for helping me with my questions. Thank you! :)

My next tree will be the Swedish tree which I'll have to complete by the 31st January as I am participating in the Eurovision Challenge. I have chosen Swedish to be my next completed tree since this is another 'easy' language I am going to learn and work on! :)

...and whenever I am tired while learning Swedish, I'll look at this...

and remind myself how fun and rewarding can language learning be! :)

Happy New Year everyone! :)

Some fireworks to welcome the new year...

[Tree climbed on 31.12.2016, posted on 02.01.2017]

January 2, 2017



WOW Anne!!! First of all, congratulations on climbing your tree :) Second, your post is so beautiful, informative and entertaining! Where did you get the picture of the kids hanging upside down from the Esperanto tree with the golden owl? I love the beautiful fireworks!


Only 9/10, not enough gifs. Time to dig out my speed reading tool ;)


I can hardly wait to see what you find!


I've lost my ability to give lingots now! scared look
I was unable to give lingots after my first lingot bombing attempt. What do I do now? :P



Graduates. Esperantistoj.

Search the discussion(s) for eo_ about www.afterDuolingo.com activities tracking/feedback suggestions. Let me know of ideas, other methods.



Thank you, Ev! :) I found the picture on google images, not sure what I searched, but the searchwords were 'tree','children','hanging'. :)


Please respond if you read this or the other message I tried sending via stream.


Hello Ann! You can find me on CommunityTranslation from now on.


Hi Mari, heading over there. :)


You can find me at CT also, Anneysha.


Great to have you around, Jo! :) Jo, is there a way to contact Ev? I sent her a PM there days ago but she doesn't seem to have responded. She hasn't verified herself either. Do you think she has troubles get acquainted with the forums?

Right now, the way things are, I think all we can do is wait and hope she reads this message. :)


Yes, she is verified now. However, there is a requirement of posting at least once in the public forums before being able to use PM's with anyone other than staff, and she has not posted yet. So I doubt that she has seen your PM yet.


Thank you, Jo. :) You are the best! :)

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Excellent work my dear Duo friend! I applaud you Anne! Above all, you finished the tree within the time limit you set for yourself! Proof that where there's a will there's a way. Hugs from South Africa.


Thank you, Mark! :)

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Congratulations! It's a lovely language!

I studied it with the grammar book by Ivy Kellerman (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivy_Kellerman_Reed) two years ago in just three months. After that I was able to read news in Esperanto on the Internet. The Esperanto course offered by Duolingo seems very clear and organised to me. I really hope it helps with the spread of this fantastic and highly pedagogic language!


Thank you! :) I am studying Esperanto grammar from a book which teaches Esperanto grammar in brief. I found it on a Duolingo discussion. :) It is called '16 grammar rules of Esperanto". :) Is the grammar book called 'A Complete Grammar Of Esperanto The International Language' ? :)


Thank you so much! :)


Mirindas ! Estas bonega ke vi eblis lerni la plej bonan lingvon !


como bajas las fotos?????


Congratulations, Anneysha! :·D What strikes me the most about your completion of this tree (and I think you know why) is that you came back to finish it even after letting it set for a long time. That shows a lot of commitment, dedication, and perseverance that will be very beneficial in your other endeavors in life as well. Now, I know that you've been quite busy lately, but try to take some time to celebrate your accomplishment!


Thank you, Jo! :)


that's amazing congratulation :)


Mirindas! I also completed my Esperanto tree as my end of 2016 goal. That gold owl feels great. Next week I am going to my first Esperanto meetup in my home town. Hopefully I will be able to keep up!


Wow, that's great! :) Congratulations to you as well! :) Hope you enjoy the meetup! :)


Congratulations Ann! Good luck on your Swedish tree, we will be cheering you on!


I love your dancing owls! :) The dancing confetti is mesmerizing! _


Congratulations, Ann! :)


Mari, you always find such great gifs! What is happening to that owl?


It is excited about Ann's latest trophy of course! :)


Thank you, Mari! :)


Thank you, Lento! :) I love your dancing gifs! :)


How did you access the Hindi tree? Can you still access it? Was this during the accidental release of the course?


Hi! :) I meant the English for Hindi speakers course. :) It is still available in the courses list. :)


325 lessons = 325 days


Congratulations. I've been interested in Esperanto for years. When I was a teenager, I looked for the Esperanto books at the Toronto library (there were shelves of them).

You post is heartwarming, inspirational and just a bit scary.


Scary, as the locations of the Esperantists are unpredictably scattered around the world.


Congratulations Anne!! ♡♡ -


Thank you, Francy chan! :)


You are amazing, Anne! :)


Good job, congratulations


Thank you, Rasmus! :)


Gratulojn. Ĉu vi pensis pri Eurovision en Esperanto? Estus mirinda.


Congratulations Anne! :) and wishing that you attain Swedish golden owl soon :)


Thank you, Vinay! :)


Anneysha, congratulations! I am so proud of you, you are really hard-working and dedicated :) You are such a great friend at first, and then you are really talented and smart, I wish you great future and everything :) I hope you will finish Swedish tree soon :D Enjoy in competition, I will represent Italy :)


मैं अपने दिल से बधाई देता हूं :)


sorry if it not correct(google translate) :*


:) Suggestions :-

*बधाई देती हूँ :) ... देती corresponds to fem. sing. मैं

Mai.n apane dil se badhaaii detii hoo.n :)

In transliteration .n after a vowel indicates that the vowel is nasalized by .n.


I do not learn Hindi, but thanks :)


Thank you, Ana! :)


You are welcome :)


Tre bona Anneysha!! Estas bonega!! Gratulojn...


Estas bonega ke vi eblas fini tiom multe arboj. Kie vi trovis la Hindion kurson?


Dankon! :) The English for Hindi speakers course is available in the courses list. :)


Sorry I'm late to the party. Wonderful post! Such dedication! I am glad that you decided to revisit it. Congratulations!

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