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"My granddaughter tries to read."

Translation:Моя онука намагається читати.

January 2, 2017



Я нагаєтю читати українську, а я вчу це мову.

[deactivated user]

    Your sentence is good and understandable!

    However, there is a little correction. It should be: «Я намагаюся читати українську, бо я вчу цю мову».

    You've chosen the ending correctly: -ю. This is the correct ending.

    But намагатися is not a usual word. It has a part -ся. This part comes after ending:

    • я намагаюся 'I'm trying',
    • ти намагаєшся 'you're trying' (informal),
    • вона намагається 'she is trying',
    • ми намагаємося 'we are trying',
    • ви намагаєтеся 'you are trying',
    • вони намага́ються 'they are trying'.

    So, don't replace «ся» with «ю». Instead, replace the ending «-єть» with «-ю», and add «ся» after it.

    «Ся» means that the action is directed at the speaker. The original meaning of намагатися 'to try' was 'to strain oneself', like «я намагаются читати» = 'I'm straining myself to read', and «ся» corresponds to 'myself'. So, it's not really the ending of the verb. It's attached after the ending.


    It's my honor to be said so. I thought that I must've missed somewhere... I'm having fun to learn things such as the original meaning and new Ukrainian knowledge! Thank you so much for answering!


    Ok, not arguing it of course but if this is so how do you explain this?: Как называется ваша команда?


    Keys are too touchy. I was still typing and it clicked wrong.

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