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"Sowohl die Frau als auch ihre Tochter lesen den Brief."

Translation:Both the woman and her daughter are reading the letter.

February 17, 2013



Would it be incorrect to replace 'als auch' with 'und' here?


Yes, it would be wrong. "Sowohl ... als auch..." is a fixed expression and means "both...and...".


well that would be wrong because "sowohl" actually have the meaning of "as well" and with it we should use "als auch" which has the meaning of kinda "as also", hence the meaning of the expression "sowohl...als auch..." is "both... and..."


I think it would be correct to say "Die Frau und ihre Tochter lesen den Brief." I tried to find a correct way to say it with "Beide", but I am not so sure that this is feasible.


"Die Frau und ihre Tochter lesen den Brief" is not wrong, but it's missing the emphasis on the fact that they both read the letter. That's what "Sowohl... als auch.." is used for.

A sentence with "beide" could express that, but only if you emphasize the word when you read it out loud. You could say: "Die Frau und ihre Tochter lesen beide den Brief" or even "Beide, die Frau und ihre Tochter, lesen den Brief".


so, from the above discussion, would i best just to forget about this sentence?


No, as you no doubt know by now, you might as well learn it, because it will come around again... and again... and again...

Therefore: Sowohl x als auch y verb the noun == Both x and y verb the noun.


"Both the woman and her daughter are reading the letter" is acceptable, but "Both the woman and her daughter read the letter" is not? I know this sentence is highly impractical, but isn't it correct?


The simple aspect ("read" instead of "reading") should be correct as well, IMO.


It is accepted now.


I replied "The woman as well as her daughter read the letter." and was marked wrong. Why?


kann man sagen "die Frau sowohl als auch ihre Tochter lesen den Brief."?


If I were to use the 'sowohl... als auch' construction, should both be in the nominative? E.g. 'Sowohl du als auch ich lernen Deutsch'


Ja. Es ist genau wie Englisch.


"not noly the woman but also her daughter read the letter" could be right?


So if «sowohl» x «als auch» y means both x and y... as we are clearly saying in this discussion, how then would one explicitly say both x and also y, since the word auch is already used? In English, this is just a bit more emphasis on the both...and situation.


"... as well as ..." is not accepted. Does that mean that "sowohl ... als auch ..." is such a common formulaic expression that it conveys no extra emphasis? If so, how does it differ from "beide"?

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