"They have recently played tennis."

Translation:Вони недавно грали у теніс.

January 2, 2017

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Why do you need the 'у' before 'теніс' in Ukrainian? We'd say: "Вони недавно грали теніс." without the 'у' - which literally is NOT needed in the sentence. (If you want to literally translate the sentence using the 'у', then you'd have to say: "They have recently played IN tennis.") It doesn't sound right. (Same as 'у Одесі', 'у Атланті'...sounds like 'bad' Ukrainian.)


In Ukrainian, when talking about sports and games it's "грати у" + sports.

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    Indeed, it should be «грати в теніс», not «грати у теніс». This course often uses «у» in place of «в».

    As for «у»/«в», this is simply how it's usually said in Ukraine. «Грали в теніс», «грали в футбол», «грали в шахи», «грали в шашки», etc. Variants without «в»/«у» are possible, too, but they are less popular.


    Does Вони грали concern solely women? How to say They (men) played?

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      Plural forms of the pronouns don't have gender distinction, so вони can be used both about men and about women.

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      There is no word недавно in Ukrainian! It's a Russian word!


      Oh man! So sad, please tell it to Taras Shevchenko and Maksym Rylsky:


      The word being similar in two languages does not always mean in one it's the "true" word and in another - a mistake.

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