"the uncles"


January 2, 2017

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If "unchi" means "uncle" then shouldn't it be "unchii" for "uncles" and "unchiii" for "the uncles"?


No, "unchi" simply has the same singular and plural form.
There are no nouns in Romanian that follow the -i/-ii/-iii pattern. Most nouns that end in "-iii" in their plural articulated form, end in "-iu" in the singular unarticulated form (the only exception that comes to mind is "copil" - "copiii").


Great! Thanks for the question and the answer! I was just starting to wonder about this myself, but hadn't consciously picked up on that pattern yet :)


So much can be learn only in reading comments! Thank you all!!!


for native speaker, what's the difference between NEA and UNCHI? multumesc!


Unchi is uncle.

Nea followed by someone's first or last name is used address an older man in an informal way: nea Vasile. It could be your uncle, it could be your neighbor, or someone like the butcher etc. but you don't use it to address a teacher, an institution worker, a doctor unless you also know them personally.


Thanks for another stellar explanation! Are you a teacher?


No :) I do nothing like that. And I was disliked by my Romanian language teachers throughout school because I didn't like literature and writing essays. I like grammar and semantics though and I'm quite analytical myself so I enjoy explaining these things.

I have seen very interesting questions asked around here, things that we never really get to think about why we use them - they just make sense for us.


Actually, the DEX lists one meaning of nene as a regional way for children to talk to/about their uncles.

"Nea" is a form derived from "nene".

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