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More ways to assign work

I love how Duolingo gives students practice with vocabulary, writing, reading, and listening. It would be very useful if students were able to see scores for themselves divided by each skill (listening, reading, writing, even robot conversations or discussion posts). It would also be helpful for me as the teacher to see how they are doing specifically on listening comprehension skills.

Also, It would be fun for students to choose review practice that was just listening, just translating, etc. and I would love the ability to assign said review activities as well.

January 2, 2017



I agree with this. I would love to be able to assign certain skill work to my students. I have found that they keep skipping over the speaking questions and I would like to be able to assign those only so that they have to complete certain amount of speaking when they feel comfortable and without the peer pressure (this was what one of my students told me when I asked why he had just skipped a speaking question).


That would be a good idea.


A note and a suggestion: I understand that most schools outside of Universities, assume that deaf can't learn foreign languages, however, I would like teachers to keep in mind that deaf CAN learn a foreign language, but would not be able to do the speaking and hearing portions. I have a friend who is deaf and is doing quite well on the Norwegian and Irish on Duolingo. He is also learning some Japanese.

With that said, I do support the idea, however I do think that the assignment should be customizable so that the student who can not do that assignment, can have a different assignment assigned instead. In this way, the deaf can have non-hearing, non-speaking assignments assigned, and those who do hear and can speak, can have the speaking and hearing assignments assigned. Thanks!

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