"Două fete scunde și slabe."

Translation:Two short and slender girls.

January 2, 2017

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How come they won't accept Two girls short and skinny ? what am I missing here?


I've said this on two other questions, but here it goes again:

There's a limited amount of adjectives that can only be placed before like: fiecare om, primul om, orice om, un anumit om, niciun om.

And there are some which are always placed after:

  • those stating nationality, religion, social or geographical status etc.
  • those that describe a shape or color (red - rosu, twisted - răsucit)
  • those that describe a state (used - folosit, pregant - gravidă)

However most can be placed either before or after, but placing it before puts emphasis on the adjective.

In this scenario, scunde și slabe sort of describe the shape, so they need to be placed after.


Oh my lord, thanks you're a lifesaver


No comma? But they don’t mark for that. Duo has many many issues with what native English speaker would say.


Should slabe be translated as 'weak'?


it can mean "weak" but also "skinny" -- completely depends on the context. so in this short example it should be possible


What about english sentence? Is there any dofference according position of noun before or after abj.? I don't think so

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